Antonio Callaway

calloway graph.PNG

By: Ryan Cearfoss

Position: WR

The Pros:

  • Route Running
  • Speed
  • Elusive
  • Explosive athlete
  • Returns Punts
  • Run after catch

Route Running- Antonio Callaway is fantastic at creating separation from defensive backs with his route running. He makes excellent use of incredibly quick feet that complement his ability to run a full route tree. Callaway was also able to overcome subpar quarterback play and be a productive wide receiver at the college level.

Speed/ Explosiveness-Callaway is a dangerous weapon with his electric burst and speed. On deep routes, he consistently beats defensive backs with double moves and straight-line speed. Callaway is a threat to take every reception to the end zone for an easy six points. 

Run after the catch- Callaway is a pure force once he has the ball in his hand. The Florida Gators lacked any offensive consistency, the best they could do was attempt to get Callaway the ball in space and let him produce. Callaway flashed big-play ability as a rusher, receiver, punt returner, and kick returner with half of his touchdowns coming on plays of 50 plus yards.

The cons:

  • Off the field red flags    
  • Drop issues
  • Slight frame
  • Not physical


Off the Field Red Flags- I usually don’t like to comment or take into account off the field when evaluating players, but with Antonio Callaway, it’s an essential part of his evaluation. His freshman year, he was charged with sexual assault that later on ended up being dropped. The next offseason, he was arrested for drug paraphernalia. Finally, before the 2017 season, he was arrested for credit card fraud. After the arrest for fraud, Florida dismissed Callaway from the team. This lengthy list of legal miscues will scare off a lot of teams.

Drop Issues- During Callaway's tenure with the Gators, the team did not field stellar signal callers, but the onus cannot be placed entirely upon their shoulders. Callaway should incur his fair share of the blame for poorly executed plays by dropping many well-placed throws. Callaway tends to look upfield to make a move before he catches the ball routinely. While it’s not a knock on a player wanting to make a play it’s an issue when they don’t catch it first.



Antonio Callaway is an ultimate boom or bust prospect both on and off the field. He’s an explosive playmaker with the ability to beat defenses in multiple ways. He has the potential to be a high-quality player in the league. On the flip side, there are numerous red flags with on the field inconsistencies and his multiple off the field incidents. A team must possess a stable structure to bring on a player with his sort of baggage. If he can put everything together on the field and put his past behind him, Callaway could be the steal of the draft. If not he’ll quickly find himself out of the league.

Fantasy Impact:

Antonio Callaway isn’t getting much fantasy draft buzz and deservedly so. He didn’t play the 2017 season and had limited production at Florida. For rookie drafts, Callaway could end up being a big-time late round flyer who has the potential to blow up in a great situation. If not he’s going late enough in rookie drafts where cutting him won’t hurt.