24/7 Fantasy Football Consistency Report


By: Phillip Caldwell

If you are new to fantasy football or just been a more casual player in years past, this consistency report might be a little overwhelming looking at it the first time. This article is a quick breakdown of what the tables show, and how I came up with the “Consistency Score” and rank.  As you familiarize yourself with these tables and this metric, it will become a necessary tool while you are prepping for your draft.

The Tables Themselves

Each week of the season I tracked who finished in the top 32 for quarterbacks (from here on out I will use the abbreviation QB) and tight ends (TE) and who finished in the top 50 for Running backs (RB) and wide receivers (WR). For ease, I color coded the weekly positional rankings.

consistency color code.PNG

The Consistency Score Metric

The Consistency Score is based on where players finished each week. If a player finished in the top group for their position, they received 3 points. If they finished in the second tier, only 1 point. If they finished outside of those top two tiers, they received -2 points. Their score is totaled for the season and then divided by how many games they played to get the Consistency Score.

Simply put, the closer to 3, the more consistent they were a top performer. A player whose consistency score is 1, is a consistently mediocre player.

Also, it is important to know, the consistency score is calculated using only games played. Bye weeks, inactive and injury games missed are not part of the calculation. An example of this is Aaron Rodgers. His consistency score, is based on only weeks 1 through 5 and week 15 due to his injury and bye week this season.



Consistency rankings- QBs.PNG

Running Backs: Std

consistency rankings- RBs Std.PNG

Running Backs: PPR

consistency rankings- RBs PPR.PNG