Writing Cycle Breakdown

FF24/7 writers run off three separate "writing cycles". This means that each group will have different scheduled due dates throughout any given month. If your in group A and your cycle runs on the 1st of each month then that would mean you'd need to turn in at least one article by the first of every month.

The main purpose of this cycle set up is to ensure that all of our writers don't turn in their articles at the same time. This will help us spread out our work throughout any given month!

As stated before please feel free to write as many articles as you'd like. Articles can also be sent in for review earlier than your scheduled due date. Articles will be published no later than 5 days after being submitted.

This does not include our weekly articles provided during the regular season.

letter a.png

Cycle a

This writing cycle will run on the 1st of every month.

Matt W.

Rob G.

Austin C.

Adam M.



Writing cycle runs on the 10th of every month

Hunter G.

Brad K

Logan W.

Ryan V.

Alex K



cycle c

Writing cycle runs on the 22nd of each month

Derek B

Richard K.

Phillip C.

RYan C.