D.J. Moore

d.j. moore graph.PNG

By: Willie Lovato

Position: WR


  • Yards after the catch
  • Can play inside and out
  • Speed
  • Route Running
  • Athleticism
  • Tough
  • Blocking effort
  • Good hands
  • Eats up cushion quickly

Yards after the catch – D.J. Moore racked up 2,007 career receiving yards in his three years at Maryland. 49% of that yardage came after the catch based according to Pro Football Focus. Moore has good vision to go along with his exceptional burst which ranked in the 94th percentile according to Player Profiler. Moore is a threat to take a screen or short crossing route to the house on any play.

moore YAC.gif
moore YAC 2.gif

Can play inside and out – Moore’s speed, route running, and frame will allow him to play both out-wide and in the slot. His 4.42 speed will quickly earn the respect of NFL corners, while his ability to create yards after the catch and short-area quickness will give linebackers/nickel corners headaches when he works out of the slot.

moore over the middle.gif
moore ROUTE GO ROUTE.gif

Speed – Moore’s speed score ranked in the 88th percentile according to Player Profiler. The threat that he posses in the screen game makes it tough for teams to decide how to cover Moore. Play too far off and he will pick up easy yardage via crossing routes and screens. Let him get behind you, and he will burn you deep.

moore deep threat one handed catch.gif
moore deap threat.gif

Route running – He isn’t Calvin Ridley in this department, but he is polished enough to hit the field from day one. He can mix in multiple routes both on the outside and inside. The threat he posses as a runner on screens and shallow crossing routes makes it difficult for defenders to focus solely on his route running, making it somewhat of a challenging guessing game.

moore ROUTE-YAC.gif
 The bad pass on this play keeps it from showing up on the stat sheet but Moore had his man beat

The bad pass on this play keeps it from showing up on the stat sheet but Moore had his man beat

Athleticism - Moore's athletic testing numbers are some of the best in the class, and not just among receivers. The profiles below are of Odell Beckham Jr. and D.J. Moore, provided by Player Profiler. As you can see, Moore posted a better speed score, burst score, and SPARQ-x score than one of the leagues most electric players in OBJ.

obj player profiler.PNG
Moore player profiler.PNG

Tough/Blocking – All 210 pounds of D.J. Moore is compactly built for contact. His running style is one that is aimed at getting upfield fast without fear of collision. It’s no surprise that his contributions in the blocking department shows some of the same traits. Moore seems to enjoy blocking which is always a check mark in the plus column.

moore BLOCK.gif
moore tough.gif

Eats up cushion quickly – Some teams decided to counter Moore’s ability to beat them deep by playing off coverage. Bad move. This only allowed Moore to eat up that space quickly and build more speed going into his routes.

moore separation, eats up cushion.gif



  • Contested catches
  • Timing jumps
  • Consistency/Effort
  • Vs. Press coverage

Contested catches – Moore had a handful of great contested catches where he did a good job of high-pointing the football and timing his jump correctly to make the grab. On the flip side, he had another handful of catches where he seemed to struggle with high-pointing/tracking the ball in the air. His game is not predicated on contested catches, so this is not a deal-breaker by any means.

moore contested catch.gif

Consistency/effort – There is no doubt that Moore is an exceptional athlete, but his explosive athletic testing numbers don’t always pop off his game tape. In his route running specifically, Moore takes a passive approach out of his breaks from time-to-time. His film left me wanting more explosion and domination of lesser athletes that his athletic testing makes you crave.

moore lazy route.gif
moore lazy route 2.gif

Vs. Press Coverage – While Moore wasn’t shut down when facing press-coverage, he did tend to either get pushed off his path or get stuck at the top of his route easier than I expected. Whether this was an effort or technique issue will be determined very soon.

press coverage.gif



The hype surrounding D.J. Moore is definitely warranted. Not only can he line up in multiple spots on the field, but his freak athletic testing leaves you excited about his future on the next level.

Fantasy Impact

Moore’s skill set and athleticism carry a ceiling as high, if not higher, than any other receiver in this class on the next level and in fantasy. That, combined with his college production, makes Moore one of the most intriguing players entering the league. The 80 receptions he logged in 2017 showed he can handle a heavy target share on the next level and I suspect the team that drafts him to intend to use him accordingly. Screens and quick routes designed to get Moore in space with the ball in his hands could provide a high PPR floor to compliment his extremely high ceiling. Moore sits atop my top-3 list with Calvin Ridley and Courtland Sutton close behind.