Javon Wims

wims graph.PNG

By: Mark Leipold

The Pros:

  • Contested Catch
  • Back Shoulder
  • Sideline Awareness
  • Circus Catch
  • Strength

Contested Catch – Javon Wims made his name at the University of Georgia by making highlight reels. Wims is excellent at contested catches and consistently made catches at a high degree of difficulty. In a class where lots of receivers are projected to play slot at the NFL level, Wims is definitively an outside receiver in my mind.


Back Shoulder – Similar to making contested catches, Wims is also solid at catching back shoulder throws. There are a lot of ways he can produce. Watch him turn around and go up top to secure this pass.


Sideline Awareness – Wims is strong at making catches along the sideline with good awareness to keep his feet in bounds. He also has the strong hands needed for the ball to stick immediately without a bobble. Just another way he’ll be on SportsCenter.


Circus Catch – Wims has a flair for the spectacular. Lots of choices, but this was one of my favorites.

Strength – Wims isn’t excellent at racking up YAC, but he is strong and can run through tackles well. He won’t bulldoze anyone like a Leonard Fournette, but he breaks arm tackles well and can slip out when defenders grab his legs.



The Cons:

  • Body Catching   
  • Concentration
  • Underthrown Passes
  • Run After Catch

Body Catching – This is an odd one because Wims has extremely strong hands, and even some of the clips above show him making great catches away from his body. However, on easier catches, he has a tendency to use his body to bring them in, which can lead to increased drops. Wims needs to put in the effort on the easier catches to make sure he doesn’t miss easy balls.


Concentration – Wims wasn’t plagued by drops, but the trend when he did have bad drops was a defender closing in. You have to wonder if he hears footsteps in his head and loses focus on securing the catch.


Underthrown Passes – A trait that Wims normally excels at is high-pointing balls to make catches in contested situations. However, when passes are underthrown, Wims doesn’t always come back to them to take them aggressively, which leaves him exposed to the defender making an easier pass breakup.


Run After Catch – Wims isn’t an excellent athlete relative to his peers, and he struggles to move around after the catch. He doesn’t have great agility or explosion, so he’s not able to change direction or accelerate consistently. He sneaks out a few more yards in each of these, but the first clip shows him looking like Frogger in the middle of the road just flailing to stay alive, and the second clip shows him stop to make the catch and get swallowed up as a result. Don’t expect too much YAC from Wims at the next level.




Wims is a big, outside receiver that excels at jump balls and contested catches. His athleticism is unremarkable, and his ability to rack up YAC is limited at best. He could be a sneaky find later in the NFL draft for teams that need an outside receiver since the class is loaded with players pegged for the slot in the middle rounds. Wims will need to polish his route running to win at the NFL level, so I’m not expecting an early impact.

Fantasy Impact:

Wims is a taxi squad guy and nothing more. He doesn’t have enough ways to win at the NFL level. He may surface as a red zone weapon, but without running after the catch, he’ll need either volume or touchdowns to return fantasy production, and neither seems like a sure thing. He definitely has more upside than some other late round dart-throws in rookie drafts, but he looks like a long-shot to become a regular producer at the next level.