J'Mon Moore

j'mon graph.PNG

By: Mark Leipold

The Pros:

  • Strength and Balance
  • Hands Catcher
  • Route Running
  • Game Speed
  • Lead Blocking

Strength and Balance – Moore is strong and has excellent athleticism (92nd percentile SPARQ-X score). He’s not great at breaking tackles around his legs as I’ll explain later, but when defenders hit him high, he’s great at bouncing off or staying on his feet instead of getting knocked over or dragged down.


Hands Catcher – This was the best look I found, but just watch where he catches this ball. A lot of WRs would let this hit their body and trap it with their hands below the ball. Moore extends and catches it with his hands – he is a natural hands-catcher.


Route Running – Moore makes great cuts and is a strong route runner. He’s not blazingly fast, but he wins with technique to gain separation. This is one of my favorite routes that I saw him run. Textbook.


Game Speed – This is kind of a throwaway because Moore did not test well in speed (4.60 in the 40-yard dash – right in the middle of the pack when adjusted for size). However, even though you can tell that he’s not fast in this clip, he wins deep in-game. He was used as a deep-ball option frequently at Missouri, and was successful at it, posting a high mark in yards per reception.


Lead Blocking – Moore is big and strong, and he uses that effectively to be a great blocker relative to his WR peers. Watch him run this defender to the ground. It won’t score any fantasy points, but it will definitely help make his case to make an NFL roster and get on the field.



The Cons:

  • Not Slippery
  • High Throws
  • Catching Through Contact
  • Effort

Not Slippery – This may seem to contradict my point earlier about his strength and balance, but let me explain. Moore is not “slippery” in the way that many RBs and WRs are described when they break tackles around their legs. Moore pretty consistently goes down as soon as a defender is wrapped around his legs, whereas the “slippery” players are able to pull their legs free in many cases.


High Throws – Moore was used often as a jump ball receiver, but that was more for timing throws and 50-50 balls. He’s not as strong when he’s on a normal route and the ball comes in high and fast. Watch here as he doesn’t get up to meet it and lets it slip through his hands. This is a pass that the successful big NFL receivers would catch.


Catching Through Contact – There will be lots of cries for Pass Interference on this play, but defenses often lock down near the goal line and make it tough to complete passes like this one. Moore struggled to make catches through contact or when a defender was right on his back. Watch him get bumped off his route here just as the ball arrives (maybe a split second before). From a guy of his size, I’d like to see him fight through to make the play.


Effort – I’d like to think this was an exception, and I didn’t see any reason to think it’s a real concern, but Moore assumes this play is not coming to his side, so he doesn’t engage in his blocking assignment. His man ends up making the play after the running back turns what looked like a lost play into a nice gain. It could have been more had Moore blocked his man.




I was pleasantly surprised watching Moore’s film. He’s an excellent athlete by most metrics except speed, so the upside is certainly there with Moore. It’s hard to summarize his profile other than to say that he’s a very solid receiver in most regards, and he has no gaping holes in his game. Likewise, he has no specific areas where he really pops. He’s good but not elite at pretty much everything and reminds me of someone like Marvin Jones in that regard. I think he’ll be underrated through much of his NFL career because he isn’t sexy (i.e., won’t make the highlight reel much). He will make a nice impact to an NFL team, though.

Fantasy Impact:

Moore is a late-round pickup in rookie drafts by early ADP, and that’s where he belongs. He’s certainly one of my targets in that area because of his athleticism, but he will be very dependent on his landing spot. His blocking and route-running should help him get playing time early if he goes to a team that could use him (e.g., Arizona). However, if he doesn’t have draft capital and doesn’t get a chance early, he could easily fade into the abyss and never surface on the fantasy radar.