Josh Rosen

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By: Ryan Cearfoss



  •     Confidence
  •     Footwork and Technique
  •     Above Average arm talent
  •     Great touch on the deep ball
  •     Good pocket presence
  •     Fits the ball into tight windows
  •     Played in an NFL Ready System
  •     Reads through Progressions

Footwork and Technique - If the NFL doesn’t work out for Rosen, he can always make quarterback instructional videos. When dropping back in the pocket, Rosen consistently sets his body in a position to throw the ball accurately. In combination with his quick release, it makes him efficient and accurate which is what you want in a young quarterback.

Rosen accuracy.gif

Fits the ball into tight windows - With Rosen’s quick release and arm talent, it allows him to make almost any throw out there for a quarterback, especially those into tight windows with defenders closing in. While this can be a bit of a blessing and a curse it is impressive nonetheless, as well as a huge deal at the next level. In the NFL receivers may only be open for a split second, and a quarterback has to be able to take advantage which is an area where Rosen truly excels.

Rosen tight window.gif

Great Touch on Deep Balls & NFL caliber throws - These are not traits that Rosen is known for. He has plenty of arm strength and the ability to put it wherever he wants. In this throw, he perfectly hits the back shoulder in a place where only the receiver can catch the ball. This is an elite throw from a prospect with unlimited potential. Not only can he place the balls on throws like this but he can drop the ball exactly where it needs to be on the deep ball as well. Perfecting these throws are what separates great quarterbacks from good or average ones.

Rosen deep ball.gif



  • Takes too many chances
  • Thin frame
  • Injury Concerns
  • Holds ball too long

Takes too many chances -  After mentioning Rosen's ability to fit the ball into tight windows, this is the opposite side of the coin. Considering Josh Rosen’s arm talent, he takes a lot of chances that he shouldn’t be forcing the ball instead of progressing through his reads or checking down. A gun slingers mentality is a good thing for quarterbacks to an extent but it needs to be held in check which is something good coaching should be able to do.

Rosen forced int.gif

Injury concerns - Over the past two seasons, Rosen has missed seven games. Only one of which came this season it is still concerning. He played beat up most of the season, a lack of surrounding talent allowed for him to take too many hits. His smaller frame and tendency to hold on to the ball too long didn’t help his case much either. This is by far not a huge knock on him but something to keep an eye on.


Josh Rosen has everything you want to see in a franchise QB. He brings elite traits combined with textbook mechanics that is truly rare with a quarterback of his age.Josh already brings experience in a pro system where he had to elevate a rather bad supporting cast to a winning record. His experience with a lackluster supporting cast will help make the transition easier especially for a rookie quarterback who has the best skill set to step in and start day one.For his long-term outlook if he comes even close to living up to the hype and skillset he brings he could be a franchise quarterback for years to come. Given the right opportunity and coaching that works to maximize what they have in the young signal caller Josh Rosen has every opportunity to be something truly special in the NFL.

Fantasy Impact:

As with any quarterback taken early in the draft, the rookie season has all of the makings to be a roller coaster. With the right skill position players around him, Josh Rosen will work well as a spot starter during his rookie season with room to grow as a dynasty asset. Down the line, his skill set will allow him to be a QB1 with the opportunity to be in the top tier of quarterbacks in the NFL. Josh Rosen definitely needs to be at the top of draft boards regarding rookie quarterbacks because the future is bright.