Kyle Lauletta

By: Ryan Cearfoss

Position: QB

The Pros:

  • Accuracy
  • Short to intermediate routes
  • Throwing outside of the pocket
  • Goes thru progressions
  • Lightning fast release
  • Extends plays
  • Decision making

Accuracy- The most appealing part of Kyle Lauletta’s game is his pinpoint accuracy on short and intermediate routes. Lauletta's superb ball placement allowed a limited cast of skill position players room to make plays. Lauletta regularly showcased this skill on out routes placing the ball between the defender and the sideline allowing for his receiver to keep his feet inbounds. Lauletta totaled three straight seasons completing over 60 percent of his passes.

Lightning fast release- Lauletta compensates for some deficiencies in arm strength with a superb quick release. Lauletta's efficient release allows him to hang in the pocket longer and allow plays to develop while still maintaining the ability to get the ball out in time.

Throwing outside of the pocket- In Richmond's offense, Kyle Lauletta frequently ran bootlegs and excelled at making throws on the move. While outside of the pocket Lauletta's athleticism consistently allows him to position his shoulders to make accurate throws. While many quarterbacks struggle with doing this, Lauletta can safely slide this into his tool belt of strengths. 

Decision Making- Lauletta is a smart quarterback who tends to minimize bad decisions. Lauletta is adept at reading thru progressions and rarely forces the ball. While this could cause him to be viewed by some as a game manager, in this case, it’s a good thing to have a young quarterback who protects the ball which will make coaches comfortable.

The cons:

  • Deep Ball Accuracy/Arm Strength
  • Limited work from under center
  • Footwork needs improvement

Deep Accuracy/ floats ball- Kyle Lauletta's biggest issue is on deep balls that tend to flutter and go over the receivers head. While this is not a kiss of death by any means it could limit his upside at the next level. There are multiple times where there is not enough velocity on the ball which leads to turnovers as well.

Limited work under center/footwork- Kyle Lauletta worked mainly out of shotgun and pistol formations at Richmond. Lauletta will be forced to adjust to operating under center more in the NFL. His dropbacks and footwork are inconsistent, and the cause for some of the issues talked about above with velocity and accuracy on deeper throws.


Kyle Lauletta should end up being a solid day two pick for his respective NFL team and sit and learn a little bit when he comes into the league. His accuracy, decision making, and quick release should allow him to be successful when he gets on the field. Lauletta has the upside to become an NFL starter. If he continues to grow as a player with the right coaching staff, he could have a career similar to Alex Smith. If not Lauletta is likely destined to become a career backup.

Fantasy Impact:

In fantasy Kyle Lauletta could end up being a late round stash for deep rosters. If Lauletta ends up on a team with an older quarterback, near the end of his career, who can mentor him, he could be successful. Lauletta may never become an elite fantasy option, but one day he could develop into a solid QB2 or streaming option.