Michael Gallup

gallup graph.PNG

By: Ryan Cearfoss

The Pros:

  • Run after catch
  • Win at Catch point
  • Savvy route runner
  • Red zone threat

Winning at the Catch Point- Michael Gallup is fantastic at bullying defensive backs in the air on contested catches. Whether high pointing the ball or receptions in traffic, Gallup is typically the victor. Gallup attacks the ball using his frame to box out defenders which makes him a red zone threat. He displays solid technique catching the football away from his body and maintaining possession of it after being tackled moments after many receptions.

Gallup catch point.gif

Short to Intermediate Routes- Michael Gallup picks apart zone coverage quickly finding holes in traffic. Gallup can gain separation facing man coverage and churn out yards after the catch. Wearing out the middle of the field and the heart of defenses is where he’ll make his living in the NFL.

Run after the catch- Gallup is a gifted runner and makes it difficult for tacklers to hit him square up. While Gallup is far from a burner, he possesses the requisite speed to gain chunk yards. Both of these traits make him a dangerous receiver on slants.

Gallup rac.gif

The cons:

  • Deep Speed    
  • Deep Ball tracking
  • Concentration lapses
  • Separation

Deep Speed- Gallup not a field stretcher and because of this he run a ton of fly routes and posts. He doesn’t have the elite speed to beat defenders downfield.

Mental Lapses- When studying Michael Gallup's film, there are noted lapses when he drops easy would-be receptions. These variations in concentration happen with young receivers, but for someone who makes their living between the hashes as a safety, blanket Gallup must remedy this to reach his ceiling.


Michael Gallup's ability to turn into a running back after he catches the ball bodes well for him at the next level. Gallup lacks the elite traits to become a team’s number one receiver. However, he has the skills to succeed in a complementary role.

Fantasy Impact:

Micheal Gallup is viewed as a mid-second rounder in rookie drafts. Gallup’s skill-set should allow him to have a relatively immediate impact in PPR formats as a flex option with upside. While he may never become a top 12 wide receiver, he should offer a high floor which will allow him to be a quality fantasy starter for years to come.