Mike White

m white graph.PNG

By: Mark Leipold

The Pros: 

  • Quick Decisions
  • Short Throw Accuracy
  • Off-Balance Throws
  • Selective Mobility

Quick Decisions White doesn’t often hesitate when he sees an open receiver. He was often able to throw to his first read in college, as they got a lot of separation frequently. White was more than willing to throw a ton of short passes and keep the sticks moving. I won’t show clips of a lot of his short, quick throws because they’re boring, but there were a lot of them. See in these two clips how even when he throws deeper, it’s his first read and he’s decided early, especially the slow-motion view from behind in the second clip. 


Short Throw Accuracy This may seem like a lame strength, but in a class with Josh Allen, hitting the short throws is not a bad thing. White was very accurate on his short-range throws at the college level. In his two seasons at Western Kentucky, White completed over 65% of his passes both seasons. No clips for this one because it’s boring. 

Off-Balance Throws – This goes mostly to arm strength, but White has an interesting ability to complete throws accurately and with power when throwing off-balance. When throwing off of his back foot, or trying to throw around a defensive lineman, White is usually able to maintain power and accuracy. He has a versatile set of throwing motions that all seem to work. This isn’t exactly a prime skill sought after by NFL teams, but it’s a nice little bonus.


Selective Mobility – No, White isn’t what I’d call a “mobile quarterback,” but he’s not athletically incompetent either. He’s able to take off and run when he needs to, but where he really shines is his decision-making in choosing when to run. White rarely takes off and runs, but when he does so, he does it effectively. This is a nice trait to have because he’ll be able to catch defenses sleeping on him like he did at the college level.



The Cons: 

  •  Deep Ball
  •  Throws Into Traffic
  •  Pocket Presence

Deep Ball – White has arm strength and throwing power, but does not translate that into the ability to throw the deep ball, in the conventional meaning of “arm strength” today. The more important piece of this is that White’s deep ball throws are not as accurate as most of the 2018 class, and certainly not as accurate as the NFL requires. White can be seen many times hitting wide open receivers down the field, but beating a defensive back when there is coverage is not his strong suit. 


Throws Into Traffic – Either White doesn’t see the defenders closing in from his peripherals, or is overconfident, but many times he can be seen throwing the ball into double or triple coverage. Against Conference USA competition, it didn’t turn out as poorly as it will in the NFL.


Pocket Presence – White’s biggest problem in the pocket is his reluctance to throw the ball away to save a sack. While watching his film, I saw him pass up an opportunity to throw the ball out of bounds many times, but instead, he tucked it and took the sack. NFL coaches do not take kindly to this decision. White also at times has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long, which sometimes puts him in the situation where he has to make that decision.


White can sling it, as shown here, but the deep ball is not his strong suit. I wanted to at least give him credit for being able to make the throws, even if not consistently. 



White made a living in Conference USA by playing with a good supporting cast, and those guys racking up YAC. A solid chunk of his production came on screens, dump-offs, and slants. He rarely had to progress to his second read at the college level because his receivers got so much separation quickly. That allowed him to make quick throws to his first read. He doesn’t have any traits that blew me away, but he does have some big red flags. He’s certainly a developmental QB at the next level. While he has potential (all NFL prospects do, though), I’m certainly not expecting him to take the field on Sundays for any meaningful stretch of time – at least not by winning a starting job. 

Fantasy Impact: 

I don’t really expect White to make an impact on the NFL landscape, so it’s hard to expect him to have any fantasy relevance. In 1 QB leagues, I’m not interested at all. In SuperFlex, if you have a really deep bench or a large Taxi Squad, I’d be willing to stash White if he goes to a team like the Patriots or Saints where he can learn behind one of the greats for a few years. That’s the only way I see him having a chance at NFL success.