DaeSean Hamilton

hamilton graph.PNG

By: Ryan Cearfoss


The Pros:

  • Body Control
  • Finding holes in zones
  • Route Running
  • Tracking deep balls
  • Plays Big

Tracking Deep Balls- Hamilton is fantastic when it comes to tracking deep passes. Hamilton's awareness and agility allow him to position his body to make catches without breaking stride. With a lack of deep speed, this helps him succeed on posts and wheel routes. 

Finding holes in the zone- Last season Hamilton ripped off numerous big plays by finding creases and openings in zone defenses. Working out of the slot he consistently used his savvy to get open when his team needed him the most.

Plays Big- Standing at 6’1” Dasean Hamilton plays much bigger than his height would suggest. Hamilton routinely attacks the ball, high pointing adeptly, on crossing routes, slants, and in the red zone. Hamilton creates separation through body positioning making him a threat in different areas of the field. 


The cons:

  • Hands
  • Burst
  • Inconsistent
  • Breakaway speed
  • Seperation on press coverage

Hands- Dasean Hamilton’s biggest concern as a prospect is his ability to catch the ball. Hamilton frequently shows concentration issues on easily thrown passes as well as more difficult receptions in traffic. A receiver that is unable to prove themselves trustworthy at catching the ball is going to face an uphill battle in earning their quarterback's trust at the NFL level. 

Burst- Despite Hamilton testing well at the combine on film his routes and run after the catch lacks suddenness. With him playing in the slot at the next level this shouldn’t be a huge issue, but if a team wants him to move to the outside, he will have problems with beating press coverage. Hamilton's limited burst will also cause issues in his ability to create yards after the catch.



DeaSean Hamilton is a roller coaster of a prospect. Hamilton's uncanny ability to make clutch plays near the sideline and over defenders is buoyed by drops and limited run after the catch ability. In the NFL his game translates to that of a big slot receiver in an offense with other speed receivers on the outside.

Fantasy Impact:

Dasean Hamilton is going to be a mid to late round flier in dynasty rookie drafts. Unless Hamilton irons out his inconsistencies, it could take some time for him to make an impact on the field. If Hamilton can show improvement in his hands, he could become an excellent wide receiver three to flex option in fantasy. If you do pick him in the draft, don’t set the bar too high for an immediate impact.