Nick Chubb

chubb graph.PNG

By: Ryan Cearfoss

The Pros:

  • Vision
  • Balance
  • Power
  • Blocking
  • Creative
  • Finishes Runs
  • Short Yardage

Vision - Nick Chubb’s vision is his #1 quality that makes him an elite running back prospect. His ability to hit the whole immediately or be patient enough to pick his way thru traffic is unbelievable, it’s like he can see things happen before they do. This element of his game will allow him to be relevant in the league for a long time.

chubb vision2.gif

Balance - Along with his vision, the other thing that truly jumps off the screen for Chubb is his unbelievable balance. Similar to how people say a cat always lands on his feet, that’s Nick Chubb. Any attempt to tackle him where he is not wrapped up the defender has no chance. Chubb bounces off would-be-tacklers and picks up to full speed immediately.

chubb balance.gif

Power - Another thing that truly makes Nick Chubb a special back is the power he runs with. He breaks arm tackles easily and the majority of the time he has to be taken down by multiple defenders. In short yardage situations, he pushes the pile which will get him a major role in the NFL in short yardage and goal-to-go situations.

chubb power.gif

The cons:

  • Injury Concerns
  • Break Away speed
  • Route running
  • Burst

Injury Concerns - The elephant in the room for Chubb has been the knee injury he had in 2015. He dislocated his knee cap and tore three ligaments in his knee. In his freshman year before his injury, he was absolutely explosive to go with everything he’s shown the last couple years, making him one of the top freshman running back prospects the NCAA has ever seen. He has returned and played extremely well but still lacks the same burst as he had before the injury. This could be something that comes back with more time or that could show its face again.

Route Running - While Chubb did catch some dump-offs here and there and was able to get downfield with the ball, that was about the extent of his participation in the passing game. It’s going to be up to his future NFL team to decide if it was his system, the presence of Sony Michel, or just lack of ability in the passing game. If it's the latter, it could truly handcuff him into a two-down role in the NFL, limiting his fantasy potential.


Nick Chubb ended his career as one of the most proficient backs in SEC history after returning from a devastating injury. His ability to adapt his game without having the same explosion and burst was incredibly impressive and is something that NFL teams should take note of. Through his comeback, he has slowly begun to get back to where he was and if he can continue doing so with the nuances he has added to his game he could end up being a workhorse back in the NFL.

Fantasy Impact:

Chubb’s current skill set will allow him to make an immediate impact on any team that ends up picking him up. His power and vision should guarantee him short yardage and goal-line carries with the majority of two down work depending on the landing spot. If he shows the ability to contribute in the passing game with what he can already do in pass protection, it will allow him to be a three-down back. The future should be bright for Chubb as a fantasy contributor and if you miss out on one of the top rookie RBs, he’s a heck of a consolation prize.