Welcome To The FF24/7 Team!

The following information is intended to give you a better understanding of not only how FF24/7 operates but also explain our goal as a team.



Fantasy Football 24/7 was formed in May of 2016 as a basic twitter page by a crazy fantasy football loving dude just like you. Soon the twitter page turned into a podcast, then the podcast turned into a SportsBlog page and new writers. All with the same goal behind each step...expressing our common passion through our work whether it be through our articles, podcast episodes, or simply interacting with some of the great people we have met along the way.



Although we are not far removed from the start of FF24/7, we have grown noticeably not only in size but also in quality of work and fans. We are grateful for the fans we have made and are motivated to keep pumping out great material. A number of our contributors were fantasy football junkies that had never considered writing and now have found their passion. Others have been writing for years with that same passion still motivating them to challenge themselves as writers/podcasters.



So why would someone want to spend countless hours researching, writing, editing and podcasting for free? Passion. Millions of people try to find something they are passionate about everyday, which those of us at FF24/7 have found through writing and podcasting about a game we love. That's why we do it!

And who knows, maybe one day we will make a few bucks in the process!