How does it work?

The information below will cover what we offer and how the process works.



What do we offer?

FF24/7 currently offers weekly fantasy football articles, 3 podcast episodes per week, rankings and draft kits. I encourage you to browse through the site to see all that we offer.


Our goal is to cover all fantasy football categories (DFS, Dynasty, Redraft, IDP). We encourage our writers to play to their strengths. For example, if you're new to dynasty and start writing dynasty articles it will show in your work.

Article assignments

FF24/7 encourages writers to be creative. This is why we have decided not to assign articles. We want you to be writing about topics that you want to cover!

We will however still provide a weekly waiver wire column and sit, start column and others like this that will be assigned to specific team members to write weekly.

In-depth Articles

We encourage all of our contributors to use a good mixture of analytics to back up your opinions. This will only bolster your articles.

Not only should your articles tell a reader what you believe but give them information to make them questions there own opinions.

How many articles do i need to write?

All contributors are asked to provide a minimum of 1 article per month. Your site lead will inform you on which cycle you will be on. 

Please feel free to write as many articles as you'd like! This will only give you more exposure as a writer.

Article Submission

All articles can be emailed to the following emails (send to all emails listed when submitting):

  • Alexander Klausner <>
  • Hunter Gill <>
  • Willie Lovato <>

Articles can be sent using Word, Google Docs or just as an email.

All articles submitted for FF24/7 can NOT be used for other sites.

All articles will be published within 3 days of submission.

Article Format

This can't be stressed enough. We ask that all writers use the one-to-two sentence paragraph style for all articles. This will create consistency and makes for a better read for our fans. Any articles not following this style will be kicked back to the writer to do so. This will save our editors tons of time if we can all get on the same page.

The Associated Press has compiled a style guide of essential pro football terms, phrases and definitions. This is a huge help for our writers. Check out the link below!

Resource link:


We encourage all of our team members to bring forward any ideas or questions. This will only lead to more growth and brainstorming. Shoot over an email anytime!

Our goal!

Our goal is simple. Have fun, put out kick-ass material and continue to grow not only as a brand but as writers and podcasters!