Simmie Cobbs Jr.

cobbs graph.PNG

By: Ryan Cearfoss

Position: WR

The Pros:

  • Physical
  • Contested Catches
  • Outside routes/comebacks
  • Separation at the catch point
  • Body Control

Contested Catches- Simmie Cobbs is a physical monster with his 6’4”220-pound frame and uses it well in the red zone. While he doesn’t have a massive vertical he is able to use his body to box out the defender like a power forward getting a rebound. Cobbs’ size will give him the advantage over most defenders.

Difficult Catches/Body Control- When Cobbs is zoned in, he can catch anything. Whether it’s one-handed catches or toe dragging the sidelines there isn’t a ball that Cobbs can’t come down with. He has fantastic body control and awareness of where he is on the field and how to beat the defender.

Outside routes and comeback routes- Majority of the damage that Simmie Cobbs did was on outside routes. Using his size when he gets past defenders Cobbs positions his body so only he can catch the ball. Considering his height and size, Cobbs can quickly break down and separation on comeback and curl routes.

The cons:

  • Drops
  • Struggles on press
  • Pushes off a lot
  • Uses his hands too much
  • Doesn’t run a lot of routes

 Drops- Cobbs was plagued by drops all season posting a drop rate of 11.4 percent. The frustrating part about these drops is that a significant portion of them came off of easy opportunities. 

Struggles vs Press coverage- For being a bigger physical receiver Cobbs really struggles against press coverage. His footwork off of the line is slow and causes him to struggle to get away. When he gets downfield with a corner in his pocket he uses his hands and arms to create separation, a lot of times pushing off.

Limited Athleticism- While Cobbs has the size teams covet he lacks elite athleticism at the combine posting a 4.65 forty yard dash and only a 30 inch vertical. With his athletic limitations at the next level, Cobbs will be forced to rely on his size and nuisances to his routes to become an effective receiver.


Simmie Cobbs Jr. is an absolute roller coaster ride of a prospect. On one play he is making a jaw-dropping circus catch, but the next he’s dropping a high percentage throw. Cobbs has the size to create mismatches against defenses especially in the red zone, but teams will have to find ways to create openings for him to make plays. Cobbs has the upside to translate into a team’s number 2 or 3 receiving option.

Fantasy Impact:

Simmie Cobbs will be drafted as a flyer in dynasty rookie drafts this season in the third or fourth round. He should hold more value in standard leagues over PPR as he is more of a red zone threat than a volume receiver. If Cobbs can refine his game, he could end up being a reliable flex option in the future.